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Free iPhone App

Apple approved our iOS app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad on Oct. 27, 2012, and it is available for free download from the iTunes App Store. See screen shot below. It aggregates and consolidates all the content from our Web site and social media applications into a single source on your iOS device. To download the app, visit

Home Screen of's iPhone app.

Free Daily Podcast

Listen to our daily podcast, a one-minute sound bite of things to do in Indianapolis. More info...

Free Widgets

Add one of our "Things to do Around Indy" widgets to your Web site, blog, etc. You only have to add the code to your site once, then the widget is automatically updated daily on your site. More info...

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Get our free weekly e-newsletter each Sunday, containing a few selected events for each day of the coming week. Visit our newsletter page to subscribe.

Free Daily Blogs

Our free daily award-winning Google Blogspot blog contains a synopsis of some interesting things you can do today in the Indianapolis area. Visit our Blogspot Blog. In 2009 this blog ranked #21 in the Top 50 Blogs in Indiana, as voted on by Kyle Lacy's readers (Kyle is the author of Twitter Marketing for Dummies and co-author, with Erik Deckers, of Branding Yourself. Kyle and Erik are considered by many to be among Indiana's foremost social media experts). On a side note, Erik named's editor to his "Top 40 Over 40" list in September 2010.

We also publish a Wordpress blog daily containing articles from guest bloggers all over the state of Indiana. It's a wonderful potpourri of things to do Indianapolis and upcoming events across the state of Indiana. Visit our Wordpress Blog.

Free RSS Syndication Feeds

You can get free RSS feeds by subscribing to these feeds in our award-winning Google Blog on the platform, Wordpress Blog, MySpace Blog, or from our nationally-recognized Daily Podcast. You only have to subscribe once: daily updates are then delivered to your e-mail Inbox or RSS Reader via the free syndication feed.

Free Events on Your Smart Phone or Mobile Device

If you have a Web browser on a handheld device such as your iPhone, Droid, PDA, iPAQ, Treo, Blackberry, etc., add this address to your favorites:

Get events on your handheld device free from

It's a specially formatted Web page optimized for handheld devices. It is a compact mobile version of our full Web site. So now you can get Indianapolis event listings no matter where you are—as long as you've got your handheld device (and an Internet connection) with you! This is a free service from, but of course you must pay any charges associated with the use of your provider's mobile Web service.

Free Event Reminders

Free event reminders courtesy of

See an event on our site that you don't want to forget? Three months from now? Six? A year from now? Just give us the Reference Number of the event, your e-mail address, and how many days ahead of time you want to be reminded of the event, and we will send you a free reminder on the day you request, 1-7 days prior to the event. More info...


Everything on this Web site is available for your personal use and viewing completely FREE without cost or obligation of any kind. Here's a list of our promises and guarantees:

1. We promise that there are absolutely no hidden strings attached when using our site. You don't have to take any surveys, answer any questions, fill out any registration forms, subscribe to anything other than our free newsletter or RSS Feed (both optional), or jump through any other hoops to see and use the entire site.

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Background Music

The featured background music on our podcasts includes tracks from these outstanding CDs:

1. Cool to the Touch by smooth jazz all-star and trumpeter Greg Adams.
2. Ear Candy by internationally-known trumpet and trombone player Mic Gillette.
3. Just Enough and Both Sides by smooth jazz keyboardist and national recording artist Roger Smith.
4. Everybody on the Bus by the legendary bass guitarist Francis Rocco Prestia.
5. T.o.P. by the mighty Tower of Power.
6. Romanticas, from jazz trumpeter Jeff Eaton and The Jeff Eaton Project.
7. The Magic Hour by Indy's own top drawer keyboardist, Steve Allee.
8. The Mark Harper Project by guitarist and national recording artist Mark Harper.

Click the links above to visit the artists' Web sites for more information about this great music and these top-drawer musicians. You can buy the CDs mentioned above through each artist's Web site. These copyrighted tracks are used with written permission of their respective owners, for which we gratefully say a heartfelt thank you!, LLC • 1547 N State St PMB 132 • Greenfield, IN 46140-1066
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