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Free iPhone App

Apple approved our iOS app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad on Oct. 27, 2012, and it is available for free download from the iTunes App Store. See screen shot below. To download the app, visit

Home Screen of's iPhone app.

Free Android App

You may also download our mobile app for Android devices via the Google Play Store at this address:

Free e-News

Get our free weekly e-newsletter each Sunday, containing a few selected events for each day of the coming week. Visit our newsletter page to subscribe.

Mobile Web Site

Get our event listings on your mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, iPad, tablets, etc., at this address, optimized to fit on smaller screens:

Free Event Reminders

See an event on our site that you don't want to forget? Three months from now? Six? A year from now? Just give us the Reference Number of the event, your e-mail address, and how many days ahead of time you want to be reminded of the event, and we will send you a free reminder on the day you request, 1-7 days prior to the event. More info...


Everything on this Web site is available for your personal use and viewing completely FREE without cost or obligation of any kind. Here's a list of our promises and guarantees:

1. We promise that there are absolutely no hidden strings attached when using our site. You don't have to take any surveys, answer any questions, fill out any registration forms, subscribe to anything other than our free newsletter (optional), or jump through any other hoops to see and use the entire site.

2. If you give us your e-mail address for the newsletter or for an event reminder, we promise that we will NOT contact you in any other way or use your e-mail address in any other way.

3. We promise that if you subscribe to our newsletter or request an event reminder, that this does NOT add your e-mail address to any mailing lists of any kind.

4. We promise that you may unsubscribe from our newsletter with no hassle.

5. We promise that we will NOT spam you or send junk e-mail or unwanted e-mail solicitations.

6. We promise that we will NOT give, rent or sell your e-mail address to anyone—PERIOD.

7. We promise that there are no pop-up ads on our site.

8. We promise that no spyware originates from our site.