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Twisted Sicilian Food Truck (formerly Little Eataly) in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Garage Sales and Yard Sales in Indiana

St. Rose Yard Sale in Henry County.

We list numerous garage sales in Indianapolis and central Indiana (such as the big US 40 Yard Sale at St. Rose Catholic Church in Knightstown, in Henry County, pictured above), plus many others for churches, schools, service clubs and organizations, and individuals. If your sale information is not listed on this page, send us the information! There is no charge to list your event. staff photo.

Use Common Sense

Before you approach any private residence or individual venue listed herein, use your common sense to decide if it is safe to do so. For example, if you arrive at the given address for a garage or yard sale and can see no visual evidence of a sale in progress (no merchandise, no people visible, etc.), be suspicious. It is your sole responsibility to determine if any hazards of any kind exist on that property that might make it unsafe for you to visit the property. Some hazards to be aware of include, but are not limited to: property owners with ulterior motives, dangerous animals (such as dogs that bite), dangerous conditions (such as icy driveways or sidewalks, holes on the property, or other hazards or unsafe conditions), etc. If anything does not look right or "feel" right, it is better for you to leave immediately than to take an unnecessary chance.

For the safety and security of our readers, we do not publish event listings that, to the best of our knowledge, require you to enter a private residence. All information published herein is presented in good faith. However, we cannot investigate or inspect each location individually to determine if the event is legitimate, if the neighborhood is safe, or if the activity being conducted is legal and lawful., LLC will not be responsible in the event of any incident that may arise out of your use of any public or private venue listed herein. Legal notices.

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Upcoming Events

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Saturday, April 25, 2015, 8:00 AM.
12th Annual Indoor Garage Sale at New Hope Presbyterian Church.

Presented by MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). Housewares, baby gear, toys, clothing, shoes and lots more. Cash or credit card (minimum purchase required). 8 AM to 2 PM. Free admission. Info: 317-842-5171.
Location: New Hope Presbyterian Church, 12550 Brooks School Road, Fishers, Hamilton County. [Ref #654074] | Remind Me

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NOTICES. Contact the venue or its designated ticket agent for ticket prices, any applicable cover charges, availability of tickets, etc. All events are subject to change or cancellation, especially outdoor events. Some listed events may already be sold out. All times listed are local times at the venue (some Indiana venues listed on this Web site do not coincide with Indianapolis time).

VERIFY ALL EVENT DETAILS. All information presented on this site is published in good faith, and we believe the information is accurate at the time we publish it. But as much as we try to prevent it, mistakes happen. Typographical errors occur. Schedules or event details change after we publish an event. Vacations, sick days or emergencies may preclude some venues from opening as scheduled. Businesses may change their hours of operation. Therefore, ALWAYS verify the event details (time, date, location, cost, etc.) with the venue before finalizing your plans--or check the venue's Web site for any updates. If you see a mistake on this page, please report it by using our Feedback Form.

EVENT LISTINGS. The presence of events on this page does NOT mean that there are no other upcoming events at this venue. Likewise, the absence of events on this page on any day or days does NOT mean that the venue has no events scheduled. There may be more events at this venue than just those listed—we publish all events that we KNOW ABOUT that meet our acceptable use guidelines.

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