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Things to do in Indianapolis is an extensive online Community Calendar containing day-by-day event listings of things to do in Indianapolis and upcoming events in central Indiana and across the state. ALWAYS verify all events listed on this Web site with the appropriate venue as changes, cancellations, postponements, weather delays, typos, or data entry mistakes may occur.

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IMAX 3-D Theatre at Hamilton Town Center

ABOVE: The IMAX 3-D Theatre, 13825 Norell Road, Noblesville, is just one of the hundreds of venues in Indianapolis, central Indiana, and across the state whose venue information or event listings appear on this Web site throughout the year. See event listings by venue. staff photo, © 2013,, LLC. All rights reserved.

Heart Attack Sidelines Our Publisher

By Bob Burchfield, LLC

AUGUST 27, 2014. I had a heart attack on Aug. 12, 2014, which led to having four bypasses and a valve repair on Aug. 20. This is the first time I have had the opportunity and the strength to explain what happened and to offer my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Several friends and followers have expressed their surprise that this Web site is a one-man operation. It's a 12-year labor of love that I have enjoyed and I am thankful that so many hundreds of thousands of readers have found it useful.

But I know that there are several thousand e-mails backed up in my inbox. Event submissions sent since Aug. 12 have not been seen. I know that many submitters will likely be angry with me for not responding to their submissions (and will not see this article and realize what happened). I simply don't have the strength to read and respond and do the data entry for all these submissions at the present time.

UPDATE: OCT. 12: On Oct. 9 I blacked out on a sidewalk, fell to the concrete and broke my collarbone (left clavicle), and spent three more days in the hospital. This has further complicated my recovery and rehab.

So there are many decisions to be made and a considerable road to recovery. The site continues to operate itself because it is database-driven, but THERE WILL BE LITTLE TO NO NEW DATA ENTRY OF EVENT SUBMISSIONS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. I do hope to get the site back up to par soon.

I've already received numerous cards and letters and contacts, best wishes via social media, etc. I so appreciate everyone's words of encouragement, good thoughts and prayers. Stay tuned.

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