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Free Event Reminders

NOTICE 8/20/2014: Due to a medical emergency, this event reminder service is not operational until further notice. Please do not use this form until this notice is removed from this page.

This is a FREE automated service compliments of AroundIndy.com with no cost or obligation. We will not send you any unsolicited or junk e-mail or contact you in any other way than sending the reminder you requested. Use of this service DOES NOT add you to any mailing lists of any kind. We will not give or sell your e-mail address to anyone—period.

Just submit this simple form and we will send you an e-mail reminder on the day you request (1-7 days in advance of the event):

Your E-mail Address:

REQUIRED FIELD: Enter your e-mail address correctly or you will not get the reminder!

Reference Number of Event:

Reference Number autofills if you clicked "Remind Me" to get to this page from another page of our Web site. Otherwise, see example below.

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How This Service Works

The Reference Number is found at the end of each listing, like this example:

An example of where to find the reference number in an event listing.

The event must be one day further away from today than the number of days in advance that you want a reminder.

For example, if you are requesting a 3-day advance reminder, the event must be at least 4 days from today (01/31/2015 or later) for this reminder service to work correctly. If you submit a reminder request for an event that takes place tomorrow (Wednesday, January 28, 2015), you will NOT receive a reminder notice—it's too late already. Use this table as a guide:

1 day in advance
2 days from today (01/29/2015 or later)
2 days in advance
3 days from today (01/30/2015 or later)
3 days in advance
4 days from today (01/31/2015 or later)
4 days in advance
5 days from today (02/01/2015 or later)
5 days in advance
6 days from today (02/02/2015 or later)
6 days in advance
7 days from today (02/03/2015 or later)
7 days in advance
8 days from today (02/04/2015 or later)

E-mail can be difficult to deliver, as you know. The filtering software employed by businesses, not to mention anti-virus software, spam software, greylists, blacklists, etc., makes it increasingly difficult to get a legitimate e-mail through your system and into your Inbox. We'll send the reminder on the day you request—the rest is up to you. To help, enter this e-mail address into your Address Book or Whitelist: editor [at] aroundindy [dot] com.

You do not have to subscribe to this service, nor do you have to unsubscribe (stop using it and you are "unsubscribed"). If you have any problems with this service, please contact us by e-mail at this address: contact [at] aroundindy [dot] com.

NOTE: Our goal is to send each day's reminders before 8:00 AM EST.

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