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Our online database typically contains 35,000+ event listings for things to do in Indianapolis and Indiana, and is FULLY SEARCHABLE. When you do a search, the results show you what's currently in our online database (for today and later) that matches what you type in the search box, by simply entering a single keyword or phrase. You can even find event listings by the venue's Web address, if you know it, such as

For example, enter name of a musician, name of a venue, part of the name of an event, words or phrases like football or music or free event or Dance Kaleidoscope, etc.

Search Tips

This is NOT a Google search. This is a search of the events database.

Just type the search word or words: Don't use quotation marks (single OR double) in the Search Box. Often you only need to type ONE WORD to find what you are looking for. You may use upper case or lower case characters.

Do singular searches instead of plural searches for better results (like "horse" instead of "horses") Why? For example, "horse racing" as opposed to "horses racing".

No abbreviations! For example, "Fort Wayne" not "Ft. Wayne." One exception: "Saint" is abbreviated "St." on our site, such as "St. Simon Parish Festival."

The shorter the better! The more words you use, the fewer results you will see. For example, just type "Bankers" for Bankers Life Fieldhouse or "Phoenix" for the Phoenix Theatre, etc.

You don't need to type something like "live shows at the Indiana Repertory Theatre" to find such shows. Just type "repertory" (without the quotes, of course).

Try different spellings and combinations for the best results.

Don't use the ampersand (&) in a search. It produces conflicts with the scripting that performs the search.

Only events in our database from today forward appear in the search results.

If you are looking for a person (a musician, an actor, etc.), typically you can just enter his or her last name.

If you are searching for events via a Web address, don't bother to type the "http://" prefix. Just type what comes after the prefix, such as "", or even just ""

For a complete list of EVERY upcoming event in our database by the NAME of the event, click here. This is the BEST way to see a list of every upcoming event in our database, and a great way to find things to do if you are just searching at random for something to do.

EXAMPLE: A search for the word "speed" might give you listings (depending upon what is currently in our database) at the Indianapolis Speedrome, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Anderson Speedway, Fastimes Indoor Karting, Speedway High School, Speed Dating events, an REO Speedwagon concert, etc. In other words, any listing in our database containing the five consecutive characters S-P-E-E-D. A search for "speedway" would eliminate the dating and concert examples. Get the idea? Try different combinations for the best results., LLC

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